by Hunted Like Thieves

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releases August 24, 2017

Recorded and mixed November 2016 - January 2017 by Sebastian Schiess at SOS Basement Recordingstudio, Oberentfelden, Switzerland

Mastered March 2017 by Dan Suter at Echochamber, Zürich, Switzerland

Artwork and layout by Christian Brix - KIDS Artworks

Physical release out on:
Inhumano (Switzerland) //
Anchored Records (Germany) //
Amistad Recrods (Switzerland) //



all rights reserved


Hunted Like Thieves Zurich, Switzerland

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Track Name: Impermanence
I just awoke from eternal sleep
My abandoned soul is marked
from all these restless months and weeks
Countless hazy days followed by wakeful nights
Without a break I ran the gauntlet
can’t you see my tired eyes?

Sometimes fate strikes relentlessly
destiny comes knocking at your door

Could I have seen how much you were in grief?
Please make sure we won’t
make the fault to turn back time

Cause all these moments in deathful stillness
These questions of which I can’t answer one
Sudden reminders of fragility
I’m at a loss for words

In your quest for substance
let me give you solace
At times you were a stranger
a puzzle I could not solve
I’m so exhausted and deranged
but it was all worth fighting for
You will always be worth fighting for

With every rising sun
I see grace in imperfection
These times of impermanence
made me aware that we are nothing
without the ones that we hold dear

Silent and humble
I’m standing here
and sense your presence
Silent and humble I’m standing here
thankful for your presence next to me
Track Name: +/-
I don't write these words in anger
they're just an expression of pure desperation
Three days under the sun
filled with sweat, angst and pain
made me question so much of the last few years

You learned me to keep going
and to stay strong against all odds
but I'm afraid to break under this burden to bear

My mind is weary, my heart is aching
I can't touch you, I can't get close
Just a silhouette I see, just a cascade of yourself
Deprived of all your heart and soul

What took the best of you?
Just dying embers left from the fire that I knew
Not that I ever give in, you know I won’t

All the tears that I have shed
throughout these nights and days
All the tears that I have shed
won’t overcome the smile on my face

This story could fill books
Please tell me - what will the next chapter be?
Track Name: Boundless
In grace and elegance
you’re roaming through these streets
No matter where you go
admiration is encountering you
Your lucid presence illuminates the night
The perfection that you exhale
constitutes the reflection of all they wish to be
Of all they’ll never be

A sparkling light is meant to overcome the dark
No pale reflections on a radiant skin
Draped in a shell and dressed in self-confidence
No signs of the struggle
that was raging within yourself

Your grace and elegance
distracted from the cracks
Before I was aware
these boundaries have blurred
Waves washed away
the and joy and ease within yourself
Shattered by the consequences
and overwhelmed by shame
You still tried to walk tall
Pushing back the empty feeling
that you’ve lost control.

I’ve been told: “Time will heal our wounds”
But some scars won’t just disappear

Our unconscious adherence
to an image of constant strength
is nothing but a superstition
Nothing but a chase-dream
that will never ever come true

Beneath these grounds
there’s so much to admire and love
No need to pretend
No need to be ashamed

Your entity is more than they can ever see
So don’t hesitate to walk this way with me
You’re not the only one
And no matter what
I love you for who you are
Track Name: Control
These ties are loose
Our flags flutter in the wind
Hoist the sails against the current
Don't hesitate and please don't complain
There's no need to fear what's coming
Irresistible and obstinate
we fantasize to stem the tide
Blindfolded travelers, restless souls
Walking on the edge
of this dead end road

But a broken compass
feels like a noose around the neck
This horizon won’t brighten
Can’t you hear the thunders far ahead?

Aimlessly wandering
pushed by phantasms of control
Illusions of control
Staring at the clouds, aiming at this goal
To scrape the skies, to be superior
Can’t you let loose, untie the rope?
Or are you howling with the wolves?
Are you howling with the wolves?

So many lands conquered
So many kingdoms built
Nothing but ruins left
I hope the smoke will clear