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released August 10, 2015

Recorded January – February 2015 by Sebastian Schiess at SOS Basement Recordingstudio, Oberentfelden, Switzerland

Mastered February 2015 by Dan Suter at Echochamber, Zürich, Switzerland

Artwork and layout by Christian Brix - KIDS Artworks



all rights reserved


Hunted Like Thieves Zurich, Switzerland

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Track Name: Solitude
In these restless days and sleepless nights. From dusk till dawn, time won’t pass by. Minutes to hours and days to weeks. The hourglass won’t turn, hard as I try. These days I rest in solitude. These nights I want to kill the light.
Track Name: Echoes
Day in and day out, these echoes keep on haunting me. Constant reminders of what I could be. Endless repeaters of what it is to be on the top and never look beneath. On the top – it’s all under your feet. On the top – conscience’s obsolete

Falling short of expecations at the lower end. It's hard to resist temptation and not to grab this luring hand that’s promising a "better life" based on values I deny. These values I deny.

Is this all that we can be? Don’t let this weight crash upon me. Cause what lurks around the corner we will never know. Thunderbolts and ashes or sunrays and better days?

Please tell me how to listen. Teach me to let go. Please set me free from wanting all too much. Letting go of all those fears, I recollect all that I hold so dear.

What lurks around the corner we will never know. Thunterbolts and ashes or sunrays and better days? We’ll never know…we’ll never know.
Track Name: Wanderlust
Can you feel this tension? The constant urge to move. Like a lion that’s been trapped I’m on the edge to break out. And can you hear this heartbeat? Always aching for something more than given obligations about whom I never cared. To trade in dreams for security is to forget to strive for what you dare. These years were not forgiven if I have learned from the lessons I’ve been through. As this pressure won’t just go away I can’t stop but ask myself: "How much does it take to lead myself astray?" There is still so much that drags me through these days and that keeps me from this self-decay. There are reasons to put it all at stake. I need you for my peace of mind. Keep me awake, my guiding light.
Track Name: Broken Mirrors
These days remind me of those words I've heard so long ago. Pondering on the past, I’m looking back. I never planned to end up here. So afraid and somehow stuck. Searching for the traces of this path. Oh familiar stranger have you just lost track or truly changed? A different person behind this face? No, I don’t live in the past but that’s where memories lie. And these thoughts enlighten the road when nothing goes right. I’ve been digging deep on this cold dark cave. So hard to crawl back but I'll find my way. No, we can’t save each other if we betray ourselves. I can't rest forever in this current desperate state of mind. I won’t doubt forever. Let this misery be my chance to stride.
Track Name: Captive
You teach me how to act. You tell me how to behave. You bring conformity to every single step I take. Who sets the rules? I won't take these paved roads in their glance and shine. Manufactured landscapes – an ugly truth they hide. Don't teach me how to act. Don’t tell me how to behave. Never stop to ask. Always keep questioning. Break free from these bounds and rise from within. Deluded and gone astray. Cornered and trapped in this maze. Driven by the fear of not ever being enough. Release me from this fear. Unchain me from this curse.
Track Name: Paper Smells The Ink
On these hollow grounds I’ll paint my dearest wish. Blueprints of a place – a sanctuary that I miss. Inspirations flicker up, but I fail to hold them tight. Pulled back and forth, pushed against walls. A constant game of run and hide. With desires fully fed and drenched with self-sufficience, easy solutions find fertile soil. What’s the worth of answers when there’s no means to the question? Oh can’t you see what we waste when not doubting the status quo? Potentials glow and ideas bloom. But silenced and numb we hide the true potential inside our minds. Brillant ideas may drown in this ocean full of doubters, disablers, naysayers and fear-creators . But you can be that wave to overcome and send their battleships right down to the ground. You are more than the sum of your fears. Nothing is given, nothing’s set in stone. You can break these chains. You can overcome. Become the change you want to see in this world.
Track Name: Superiority Complex
Kissed by luck, but too blind to see. In blindfolded rage you’ve lost your dignity. Narrow-minded, so fucking blinded, led by a complex of superiority. Inherited opinions or guided by disguise? Lines of ignorance for self-invented enemies. All that is unknown shall always be your foe. The walls that you've built up - I want to tear them down. And why can’t we be thankful for this diversity? I’m ashamed to be part of a society that thinks in clusters, that’s trapped in squares. Fixated on the search for disparities. I thought someday this might change, but time and again I’m proven wrong. Cut your flesh, spill your blood. Cut your flesh, I want to see what you’re made of. If one thing is certain, it‘s that we are all the same. If there’s one thing I know for sure, it‘s that your national pride is my fucking shame. You may live next door to me, but we could not be further apart. Our lifelines are so different. Your obstinacy earns my dissent. Although we know so little, we are so quick to judge - based on unknowingness. Although embraced by coldness, I won’t stop to spread the warmth I’m still carrying deep in my heart. So what’s left inside your heart?
Track Name: Sleepwalker
Dark and silent, somehow lost. These eyes are covered - no blink, no look across. These ears can’t hear me, cause all entries are blocked. Can’t find the alleyway directing out of this grey. Smothering these thoughts since year and day. Don’t you try to suppress and blind out. You can’t hide that fear in your eyes - I know you’re holding back all your sorrows and tears. What’s hindering you to let it all out? What is it that keeps you walking straight? With this lack of time and the daily hassle that you have to get by? You won’t sit back, you won’t hold, you’re always on the run. With this heavy burden on your back – how can you carry on? I’ve been told that silence is golden, yet I see traces of rust. Every word unsaid remains a heavy lump deep down in your chest.
Track Name: Rites & Routines
These lakes run dry and these trees are withered and dead. Blooming season’s over - can’t you feel the cold wind choking around your neck? The place that we called home is now just a forgotten tomb. Minutes became hours as inches turned to miles. Yesterdays to yesteryears, too far away to hold on. Our howling midnight blues replaced by daunting silence. When did these gatherings become defined by our routines? When did we trade in these rites for banalities? Trying to grasp at all these moments and retain them in a casket. I keep this treasure safe and close. But these lakes run dry and these trees are withered and dead. Blooming season’s over - can’t you feel the cold wind choking around your neck? And although we are at peace - you and me, we both know, that signals don’t fade for nothing. Please prove me wrong. May this not be a burial ground but fertile soil for our lives. We know that memories can blur, decades might fade away – don’t let them fade to grey. Light-hearted and untamed, we dreamed our lives away. Too late to start from scratch, no chance to strike this match again. Rest assured it wasn’t all in vain.
Track Name: Thin As Porcelain
It’s not until our darkest days that we realize how fragile we all are. A thin red line between happiness and affliction. Graceful branches built up from these roots so strong. Withered and broken from a raging storm. Will they ever bloom again? Will they return to where they were? One question leads to another. In circles we all run. In these moments so stone cold. In these hours spent all alone. In these never ending days and sleepless nights. I’m going through these valleys of despair. Stumbling and staggering, hanging on the ropes. With so many miles left to go on this never ending road. Fuck these desires, we set them all too high. Like marionettes - blindfolded and intoxicated on our way headfirst straight to hell. I wish you well.
Track Name: Salvation
To find peace in solitude. My grain of solace amidst a storm of void. A spark of hope to hold on to.